GenCon Update – Bad News and Good News

Well, bad news first. I’m still waiting on a second proof copy of curse the darkness. It hasn’t even been shipped yet, which means that even if I check my email now and it’s been shipped (hang on – nope), it won’t get here until Thursday, which means that even if I place an order for the books on Thursday and have them shipped to the hotel at GenCon, they probably won’t get there while the con is still going on. If there was a way to know for sure, I’d feel better about it, but since the time between “place order” and “order is shipped” aren’t consistent (for my first proof copy, there was a lag of one day, for this one we’re coming up on three), at this point I’m going to say that we’re not going to have print copies of curse the darkness at GenCon.

Now, that said, I am going to assemble the Kits for the people who bought them and said they’d be at GenCon. That’s about 18 of you who responded to the survey and said that you would be or might be at GenCon, and bought Kits. (Those of you who bought books but not Kits, keep reading.) If you bought a Kit, please do stop by booth 1933 to pick it up. I’ll ship you the book as soon as it becomes available, but you should already have the pdf and this way you’ll have all the other goodies, too.

If you bought a book and you’ll be at GenCon, I’ll have your Character Pads (also booth 1933), at least, so if you want to swing by and grab one, awesome!

Now, I did promise some good news. We had some extra curse the darkness shirts made, so if you’re at GenCon and you want to buy a shirt, we’ll have them for $20 each, while they last. They’re very comfy.

So, bottom line: If bought a Kit and you’re going to be at GenCon, please come pick up your Kit. You’ll get your book ASAP, probably within a week or two after the con.