So guess what! Today we got the second proof copy of curse the darkness in the mail, and it looks awesome. The too-dark pictures from the first proof have been corrected! Success!

It might, therefore, be possible to get the copies in to GenCon. They’re being shipped to a friend of mine in Indianapolis, and given the turnaround on the proof copy, it’s just possible that they’ll arrive before the con ends.

So, if you said in your survey that you would be at GenCon, please do stop by booth #1933 (the Independent Game Designers Network booth, where, incidentally, you can obtain some other awesome games from Magpie Games, Faster Monkey Games, and other folks that I can’t remember right now).

Here are the times that either myself or Michelle will be at the booth:

  • Thursday, 10AM-2PM
  • Friday, 2PM-4PM
  • Saturday, 10AM-2PM
  • Sunday, 12PM on, off and on

Even if one of us isn’t there, someone there will know the skinny on the books. However, if you’re a Kickstarter backer, please do show up during one of those times or make arrangements with me over email ( to get your game. I want to be able to personally put our product into the hands of the backers, so that I know that folks got their games.

Reminder: We will have curse the darkness shirts on sale at the booth ($20 each), and if the books come in, I’ll have print copies on sale (also $20).

Ooh! Also, I’m running three sessions of curse the darkness!

  • Thursday, 1PM, JW 205, table 4
  • Thursday, 7PM, location TBA (it’s a pickup game)
  • Saturday, 10AM, JW 305, table 4

Now, these games are full, according to the system, but I would love for people to show up and have a look at how the game works.

And I think that’s it! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for swift printing and shipping! I’d say pray, but y’know…He might hear you.


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