Good News and Bad News

Well, let’s start on a high note. I got the proof copy of curse the darkness in the mail today. Behold!

Here’s my daughter, Teagan, holding it. My dog, Leo, seems to have sneaked in there, too.

Anyway, the books looks mostly fabulous, and therein lies the bad news. “Mostly” is not good enough. What happened was this: the pdf copy (that many of you have already downloaded) wasn’t optimized for print, and so the pictures came out darker than we wanted. For some of them, that isn’t a huge problem, but for a couple of them it utterly ruins them. So we’ve uploaded the correct pdf this time (we had the right one the first, just the wrong one got uploaded), and we’re now starting the process of approval, proof copy, shipping, over again.

What does this mean for you? Well, it might mean that I won’t have print copies at GenCon. That sucks, I know. It sucks for me, too, because I really wanted to be able to hand out books and Kits (and, y’know, sell a few, too), but it’s more important that the book look right. So if the book doesn’t wind up coming in before GenCon, c’est la vie, I’ll just mail everything out afterwards. (If you bought a Kit and want to pick up everything except the book at GenCon, though, I’ll totally do that because it’ll save trouble and money shipping.)

And what about the Kits? Check it.

So you’ve got (top left to right) a Suit Assignment sheet, five Player Mats, a Condition Assignment sheet (all laminated), a Character Pad, a bag with the candle stamp with little yellow Memory Points, a bag with the Symbol with little black Between Points, a copy of the book, a GM’s Deck (blue with the Symbol) and two Players’ Decks (red with the candle), and a Scenario Creation Pad (still at the printers, but we’ll have those next week). All of that will be packaged in an attractive cardboard box and shipped to you or handed to you at GenCon, assuming I can get the books in on time.

It’s all coming together, maybe not as smoothly as we’d all like, but considering the Kickstarter just wrapped in early June I think we’re doing pretty darned spiffy. And don’t forget – I need stories for the anthology!

Oh, and I have some exciting news about the curse the darkness Companion, but I’m gonna save that until I get confirmation on one remaining thing. 🙂


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