Origins Schedule

We’ll be at Origins Game Fair this weekend running curse the darkness. Below you can find our schedule. Last I looked, all of these sessions had slots open, so please come join us! And, if you haven’t, please check out our Kickstarter. Remember, it ends next Wednesday, 6/6. We’re also doing a cross-promotion with Magpie Games for their new RPG, Our Last, Best Hope. Back both games at (at least) the pdf level ($10 for theirs, $15 for ours) and you get a specially designed curse the darkness playset for Our Last, Best Hope free of charge!

And now, the schedule:

  • Wednesday, 5/30, 7PM-9PM: Characters & Scenarios demo (but might expand into a full session)
  • Thursday, 5/31, 10AM-12PM: Challenges demo
  • Thusrday, 5/31, 1PM-3PM: Characters & Scenarios demo
  • Thursday, 5/31, 2PM-6PM: Full session
  • Friday, 6/1, 10AM-12PM: Characters & Scenarios demo
  • Friday, 6/1, 1PM-3PM: Challenges demo
  • Saturday 6/2, 10AM-12PM: Characters & Scenarios demo
  • Saturday 6/2, 1PM-3PM: Challenges demo
  • Saturday 6/2, 4PM-6PM: Characters & Scenarios demo

I’ll also be at the Drive Thru RPG Booth (Booth #827) off and on, but all afternoon on Saturday, happy to answer questions, run quick demos, and generally be affable.


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