Fiction Anthology: Tell Me Your Stories

We’ve hit our second stretch goal, which means that we’re doing a fiction anthology. Here’s the plan for that:

The anthology will include nine stories. Three of them will be set “pre-apocalypse,” three “mid-apocalypse”, three “post-apocalypse.” In brief:

Pre-Apocalypse: The game takes place in the months before Jerusalem. The characters know that something strange is going on, but not what or why. Openers haven’t been discovered yet, nor has the Between, meaning that in fiction, these elements can appear but aren’t commonplace or well understood (discovering them could be a thrust for a story). These stories might focus on investigating what is happening, perhaps by searching for people who disappeared in His initial attacks or by examining the wreckage. As the damage intensifies, characters can become involved with riots, food shortages, clashes between police and protesters and other dramatic situations.

In this setting, the Between is a lair. They are here, visible as characters enter, and They approach interlopers threateningly but do not attack. In fact, They look as though something is holding Them back.

Mid-Apocalypse: These stories, probably the most brutal option for curse the darkness, take place within the first 10 years after Jerusalem. Stories in mid-apocalypse games would involve coming to terms with the new reality of the world, learning about the Between and Them, and attempting to save and protect the people the characters care about. This is the part of the setting where absent-mindedly crossing oneself can get you killed.

In this setting, the Between is a beehive. They swarm everywhere, crawling over, under and around anyone who enters. Violence against visitors and travelers is common.

Post-apocalypse: The war might not be over, but He seems to have done what He wanted to. He doesn’t take as active an interest in the world anymore but still sends Them to kill people on occasion. Opportunistic looters and loyalists make up the opposition, but the resistance is global and working toward understanding what happened, why, and, more importantly, what options there are to fix the world.

In this setting, the Between is a ghost town. The topography is barren, flat and empty. They sometimes wander through the wastes, but travelers are just as likely to see other human travelers. They do not attack people without strong provocation (or orders from Him).

Obviously, you’ll need a copy of curse the darkness for this to make sense. You can download the playtest packet here, and the game itself will be available in August (you could go pledge to the Kickstarter, if you haven’t, which would get you a copy faster, since backers will get the pdf before it goes live on DTRPG). The playtest packet should be enough to get you started, and there are assorted fiction bits in this blog that should also help. And, of course, I’m available to answer questions.

If you want to submit a story, here’s what you need to know:

  • Stories must be at least 2500 words and no longer than 4000 words.
  • Play Attention Games is paying 3 cents a word for these stories.
  • Stories must be received by Saturday, September 1st, 2012 (target date for publication is 12/1/12).
  • Stories must sent via email to playattentiongames AT gmail dotcom (except, you know, formatted properly). Please put “Anthology Submission – XXX-Apocalypse”, where the “XXX” is either pre-, mid-, or post- depending on when your story is set in the subject line.
  • Stories may not reveal the identity of Him or define the nature of the Between, Them or any of the other mysterious elements of curse the darkness. You may feel free, though, to have characters speculate about these things.
  • You should hear from us within four weeks of receipt of the submission deadline.
  • Please feel free to share this link, the link to the Kickstarter, and any delicious cookies you may have.
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