All the Sheets – Available Now!

Many RPGs have character sheets, and some, especially the indie games that rely more on play collaboration and shared world creation (which is a high-fallutin’ way of saying “all the players get to contribute to how the game setting is interpreted”), have sheets for other parts of the setting. As you may remember, curse the darkness has several sheets that you’ll need to play.

Now, I say “need,” but let’s be honest. You could just as easily do this with pencil and paper. I personally have always been a sucker for printing out a character sheet and using the “official” (or best-designed, at least) ones available, because as a GM I like the uniformity of it. I like being able to glance across the table and see if someone has a rating in a particular skill, and knowing where to look because the sheets look the same. But I was really glad when the age of downloading hit and I was able to just print of a character sheet (my usual go-to is Mr. Gone’s site, because his World of Darkness sheets are amazing and editable) instead of popping by Office Max and breaking the spine of my book to make a copy.

In the case of curse the darkness, the sheets are bigger than the book it going to be, so they aren’t going to be included as pages in the book. It’s just wasted space. Instead, there will be URLs to this site or to the official Play Attention Games site (once it has something on it), and these sheets will always be available as pdfs, free of charge.

As such, why wait? Here they are!

The graphics on these sheets were created by Nicole Liberty, with the exception of the candle logo, which was created by Nigel Sade.

In Kickstarter-related news, we’re at $6553 as of this morning, which means we’re just shy of $1K from our next stretch goal of a fiction anthology. I’ve had a lot of interest from very talented writers about contributing, but we need that extra money so I can make it happy.

We’ve also got some awesome art-related things in the works, so keep an eye out here or on the Kickstarter page.


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