Kickstarter Scenario: The Ruins of Rynek Glowny

Today, the second day of our Kickstarter, we’ve hit $3389 as of this writing. Earlier today I said that if we hit $3000 by 5:00PM my time, I’d write a scenario set in a location chosen by the backer that put us over (kind of a mini-version of the $150 reward level, which no one’s claimed yet, I might add). The fellow who put us over that threshold, Stephen Joseph Ellis, requests that the scenario remind him of his day today, which I have to admit sounded pretty darned OK.


Where are we? We’re in Krakow, Poland, in the Main Market Square (check it out, it’s pretty cool). The characters start out in what’s left of the Hard Rock Cafe. The building is still standing, but the interior is trashed. Shredded memorabilia lays strewn about; anything useful is long since gone. Paul Stanley‘s brown leather vest lies torn in two, draped across a smashed table. Strangely, a pyramid made of empty bottles sits on the bar, untouched, collecting dust.

What just happened? The bells at the Church of St. Wojciech started ringing, strongly, as though someone is pulling on the ropes extremely fervently.

How are you following the rules? The characters are in Main Market Square looking, specifically, for vitamins. Their community, living in the buildings nearby, includes a man deficient in vitamin B12, and his condition is worsening (you can get this vitamin from meat, but the man in question is vegan and refuses to eat meat. There is a contingent among the community that favors letting him find his own damn vitamins, then, but at least some of the residents – the PCs – are willing to help out. The man might even be among them now). Helping out the unfortunate fellow certainly counts as following the rules.

How are you breaking the rules? The Hard Rock Cafe is, in its way, a monument to the past. It’s a shrine to musicians and celebrities, and while He never forbade this kind of idol worship specifically, for purposes of a scenario it might well be enough to count as breaking the rules. This is especially true if the characters spend too much time picking through the memorabilia and not enough trying to help the sick man.

What is the goal? Find a stash of pills and get the guy some B12. If I’m running the game, then that pyramid of bottles is significant – maybe there’s a guy who’s obsessed with “the wasteland” that the Market Square has become, and he’s going to dog the characters’ efforts to find anything useful. He’s probably, then, the one ringing the bells at the church.

I figure this game is probably a one-shot, so everyone needs just one section of Wick.

And there ya have it. I’ll continue to set goals like this along the way for the Kickstarter, I think, because scenarios are easy and fun. 🙂


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