New Scenario: Fire is Dying

A bit of background: A few years ago, I started a little project to make a character for every RPG I own. At the time, I owned a lot of RPGs, but a manageable number. Since then, though, I’ve bought bundles from Drive-Thru RPG, bought new games on the cheap from bargain bins, and traded for RPGs from folks online, not to mention that I often contribute to Kickstarters for new games (currently backing these three: Flatpack, Killshot and Improbable Tales – so check ’em out! But if anyone other game folks have Kickstarters that I should know about, please, comment here and tell me).

Anyway, the point is, the list of characters I have made and have yet to make is really freaking long. A few folks I know from Livejournal (and now Dreamwidth, since a lot of us have switched over) took up the challenge with me, and Stew Wilson, a fellow game writer, White Wolf freelancer and author of Æternal Legends is still doing it.

Well, today, he did a character for curse the darkness, along with a scenario to go with it. So I cheerfully link you to that scenario, and invite you to check out Stew’s other projects (I’m especially excited about Through).

The scenario, and the accompany character, is here.


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