curse the darkness scenario: Ohio in Winter

As a follow-up to the last post, I figured I would provide you with some scenarios. I know that while some folks (like me) really love the “create your own setting” aspects of games like Dresden Files, Misspent Youth, Fiasco and Ganakagok, other folks would rather have the setting more specifically laid out before starting. While curse the darkness is pretty unabashedly of the former type of game, I’m fine with doing up some sample scenarios, too.

We had some snow in Cleveland last week. There was originally a winter storm warning and dire predictions of blizzards. This didn’t happen (we didn’t get more than a couple of inches of snow, which was pretty but not enough to worry about), but it was pretty damned cold for a couple of days (now it’s up in the mid 40s again, which is downright balmy for the time of year). It got me thinking about this time of year in the rather desolate world of curse the darkness, so here you go.

Where are you? We’re in Ohio, in a subdevelopment made of three cul-de-sacs, 24 houses in total. A couple of them have burned down, a couple have been completely destroyed by Them, but most are intact. There’s no gas service to the area, though, and it’s winter and below freezing, so staying warm, even indoors, is hard.

It just stopped snowing after a continuous 18-hour lake effect blizzard. The area is covered in almost a solid foot of snow. You’d need a snowmobile to get anywhere overland quickly, and walking would of course be tiring and dangerous (hypothermia, no good way to get warm).

What just happened? There’s a church nearby – well, it was a church. Religion is outlawed, and folks have been understandably gunshy about using the building even for shelter. It’s quiet as the grave around here, and folks in the subdevelopment just saw the roof of the church cave in and heard a very distinct scream of pain.

How are you following the rules? Providing shelter in the houses for those who ask, including blankets, fires (in the houses that have chimneys and proper ventilation), body heat (don’t laugh, in this weather it’s a good way to stay warm) and food. When Openers come through, they can provide transport for people to warmer climes, but Openers aren’t common and so sometimes folks have to wait for one to show up.

How are you breaking the rules? The pastor of the local church has been ministering to folks, always on a one-on-one basis, and always in the church office. The folks in the neighborhood (which includes the PCs) know about that, though whether they’ve partaken would be up to the players.

What is the goal? The scream in the church came from the woman the pastor was talking to. He’s unhurt, but is devastated to think that he might have caused this (he probably didn’t; the church roof seems to have just collapsed on its own). The goal of the story is to get the woman to someone who can help her, or to bring someone here to tend her injuries. Of course, keeping her in the church might gain His notice faster (if I were GM, I might add Between points periodically, with the understanding that if He notices the characters the church might collapse the rest of the way), and keeping the pastor around is likewise dangerous, since he tends to vocally pray or otherwise talk about risky topics. Based on this goal, I’d say this story is probably good for one section of Wick, and therefore a one-shot.

Feel free to post your own suggestions!


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