You should play curse the darkness! Right now!

I decided that I wanted to let curse the darkness out into the wild, especially now that I have a system I like and that is working. So I took some time and put together a playtest packet, which you can download now. Read it, give me feedback, play it, talk about it on whatever forum or blog you’d like. And drop me email or comment here (or on our Facebook page) and let me know how you like it.

Do note: The rules are somewhat simplified. I removed things like card-caps and multiple-participant Character Challenges and the like just because they weren’t strictly necessary. Also, there’s not much about the setting in there because I wanted to keep it simple, and that’s mostly flavor once you get the basics. Of course, this blog has plenty of that setting and flavor, so if you download the playtest packet and want to know more, please do comb through this site and soak it all up.

There are four documents to download: The Playtest Packet contains the rules and instructions for playing curse the darkness, the Removal Challenge Sheets are necessary for (as the name implies) Removal Challenges.

And the character sheets: A page of Character Cards and the Player Mat.

And there you have it! Please spread far and wide!


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