Removal Challenges, Part 2 – Also Character Sheets!

So, last post we were looking at Removal Challenges, and I set you up with an example. Here’s the conclusion (refer to the last post if you need a refresher on the setup). I’ll give you four examples, two today, two tomorrow.

Let’s start with Mike’s player drawing the six of hearts, and Tea’s player drawing the ace of clubs. Hearts, remember, meant succeed/leave, while clubs meant succeed/stay. Assuming that both players are OK with these results (remember, it’s permissible for players to swap cards, and therefore results), it might play out like this:

I flick the switch and a bright shaft of light hits the thing right in…well, what might be Its head. It drops Tea and steps back, and then starts walking forward. She’s not saying a thing now, not praying, just lying on the ground, head covered, trying not to die.

And here I am, holding a goddamn flashlight on Them, trying to save her.

It reaches out and bats the light out of my hand. The force of the blow spins me around and I slam against the wall. I hear Tea scream, and then a thud against my back, and I can’t feel my legs anymore.

And just to fuck with them, I start to pray.

In this example, Mike dies, but Tea lives. They both succeeded on their actions, however – Mike distracted Them with the flashlight and got Them away from Tea, while Tea stayed quiet and out of the way. Mike’s player might now take a turn as GM, or grab a character card and make a new character.

For another example, let’s say Mike’s player draws the ace of spades, and Tea’s player draws the jack of spaces. The spades result was fail/stay, so both characters are going to stay in play, but their actions will fail. This is trickier to interpret, but it might look like this:

I flick the switch on the flashlight…nothing happens. Don’t know what I was hoping for. Nothing in this place works, or else it wouldn’t be here.

The thing standing over Tea picks her up, and slings her over Its shoulder. I feel a gorilla-strong grip on my wrist and a bone cracks, and I drop the flashight. Another one must have come out of a shadow beside me. It picks me up and carries me under Its arm like a sack of flour.

They take us back to the main room, back to that shadow, the one that never closed. They’re taking us to the Between. I’ve never heard of Them doing that before.

In this scenario, the characters live and remain in play, but fail at what they were doing. The GM needs to tie these results into the ongoing story, and should, as a general rule, take any opportunity a Removal Challenge gives to do this.

Tomorrow I’ll do two more possible outcomes, but for now, I wanted to post the character sheets. These are mockups courtesy of Mr. Gone, for the Player Mat and the character cards. Check it out!

Character Cards
Player Mat


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