The Old Theater, Part 3

And now we’re running.

It doesn’t make any difference. This place is so dark, there’s nowhere we could hide, but I’m running like I want to live. Tea’s running like…well, she’s running. She’s kind of clumsy and it’s probably shock and blood loss, but she’s running and then I realize under her breath she’s praying.

I can hear her, just barely, with Them coming from the front room, from that still-open shadow. “Our Father who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come” and so on, blah blah.

And at first, I just roll my eyes and I start to run faster, because damn, how freaking stupid can you be? They’re right there behind you, literally chasing you down, and you’re going to pray? Like, why not just stand there and wait for Them? That’s the best way to get killed!

I round a corner and I stop, because I figure They aren’t here for me anyway. I huddle against the door to a theater, and I wait for the broken-bones snap that tells me it’s over. I don’t hear it, but my brain is going like its full of hornets because again I can’t get my fucking meds, and I’m just pissed and scared and half-crazy.

And why can’t Tea pray, anyway?

I mean, I don’t buy it, never did. But fuck, she’s not hurting anyone. She’s just scared and she’s reaching out. It won’t help, but it won’t hurt.

And then I realize I’m standing and talking again, and I’m back around the corner. One of Them is holding her down, and reaching back like It’s going to punch her. And I know that’ll kill her. I know how strong They are. And still she’s praying, crazy and bleeding, “Thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…”

Hey!” They look up at me. I think They do, at least. They don’t see to have eyes. “Leave her alone. She’s not hurting anyone.”

One of Them starts toward me. I stumble back. I trip. I reach out blindly and my hand closes on a handle or something. I whip it around.

Flashlight. A big on. I flick the switch, and, by reflex, I think, please God.

Bit more fiction. More systems coming this week!


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